Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Spoiler-Free Review

Lucy James gives Tamoor an in-depth spoiler-free review of the much anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and answers viewer’s questions.

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  1. Unfortunately, Disney/Marvel has conditioned people to believe CBM should be only one way. Just like politics in this country, people have to pick a side. As fan of most comics and their movies, it's a sad state.

  2. I thought it was great overall. If we're to analyzing as a movie you can argue that but as a fan it kept me entertained. It was particularly great for a batman fan. Affleck did a great job. Sometimes you have to ignore the critics

  3. The first half hour is rubbish. The film shouldv'e started at the Courtcase. Saying that, I really enjoyed the rest of the movie. Ben Affleck nailed it as Batman.

  4. No movie will ever make complete sense. Remember Star Wars the force awakens. It did great but the reveal on who Kylo ren is, it did not too great with fans.

  5. That dream/future sequence with Batman with overcoat & the non stop action sequence was pure Snyder & awesome/creepy Batman. The yellow filter gave the post-apocalyptic look.
    Guys, this is a great dark thriller, go see it. Yes, there are bad parts. But, just the Batman + Superman part is mindblowing!

  6. If you don't understand the plot then maybe you should prepare for the movie by knowing the characters! Any comic fan understood the movie and why they fought.

  7. I just keep re-playing that scene from Ratatouille about critics who are just love putting out their "opinions" out there essentially so they can throw their weight around and be dicks. Fuck them. I can formulate my own opinion about a movie and studio execs should cower to these bullies. If I loved the movie, why would I even care about the critics?

  8. Guys let's see this for what it really is, a set up movie. And Zack Snyder still has performed below average on that mark, therefore he needs to be kicked out.

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