XCOM 2 – Review

XCOM 2 is mathematical, emotional, and thoughtful all at once. It’s exhilarating, even in the face of failure. Victory is the goal, but that’s just an afterthought here–it’s the complex journey that counts.

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  1. I'm sure Xcom deserves a 9, but this review was just not good. It was wordy and metaphor laden but did little to actually tell any specifics about the game. The review felt more like a friend trying to convince me to by the game more so than a review of the quality and functions of a product. I was just not very informative.

  2. I am currently on my first campaign. I'm on veteran and it's June. I have only lost 2 soldiers. Not a single soldier casualty has occurred since March 22, 2035.

    This was a wonderful review, great job.

  3. LIne of sigth in xcom 2 makes no sense at all. Apperently the soldiers can look threw a building and see the enemy!? The AI is so stupid it seems they want to die. How can i hit someone standing behind cover and with a 20% hit chance get killed with a critcical while when im standing next to a muton with a hit of 96% and mis. This games menchanics make no sense at all! Im still enoying the game but if this keeps up it wil be waste of money.

  4. The word timer is pretty misleading. Most of the people I find in the comments section want the aliens to just sit back and wait for the player to do things at his own pace. Sorry man you want a challenge?? This is a challenge. The aliens will try to react to you and you will throw wrenches in their plans, but if you wanna just sit on your ass while they put their plan into action then ya you will get punished for it. God damn "let me play with my thumb in my ass generation"

  5. Did I miss it? Or did Gamespot just completely ignore the performance issues this game has? Running worse than Witcher 3 while not even coming close to its level of detail.

  6. the teleporting through walls thing might not be the game cheating. i've seen it happens once or twice, and it seems to occur when a units pathing gets confused, so the game just teleports them to the intended space. Seems like a roundabout way to ensure that the game doesn't break and freeze up while watching a Sectoid walk into a wall forever.

  7. Do maps actually reflect the location in the world they take place? It was one of the most immersion breaking aspects of previous title that you could be in Africa, New York, or China, and nothing about the map would indicate this, in fact, it would be the same freaking map!

  8. Did he really point out the round limits as an advantage? That's the worst design decision they could made. Nearly every user comment is complaining about that.

    At least there was a day one mod for this mistake.

  9. This is a game review NOT a fucking science report. All these reviewers on youtube like ign and so forth use these big words and poetic phrases and its so fucking obnoxious

  10. this game is complete garbage. I tried the campaign 4 times already and keep restarting because of the bullshit. my entire crew got wiped out in one turn, 4 crits. i mean come on
    you couldnt nerf consecutive ai crits?

  11. Yea, there so much excessive verbiage from the reviewer and his constant description how "awesome" the game is very unprofessional.

  12. I really recommend the "true concealment" mod. Basically it makes it so the countdown timer doesn't start until you break your concealment, allowing you to be more careful in the beginning of each mission.

  13. I wonder if the developers sat down and said guys let's make a game we can't even beat. A game geared towards the players defeat and only the players defeat. 90% chance to hit and miss. 40 aliens vs 4 soldiers and hey fuck it why not a time limit throughout the whole thing. There's a point where hard becomes annoying and not fun. Congratulations you crossed that point๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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