The 5 Coolest Things You Can Do In Far Cry Primal – The Gist

Far Cry Primal lets you do some pretty sweet things in its 10,000 BC setting, here’s the five best according to Jess.

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  1. gamers are so jaded nowadays I feel like. As soon as this game was revealed ppl were talking shit about it. as a huge far cry fan myself, who's played all of them , far cry primal is shaping up to be one of my favorites in the series . it takes all the components of a far cry game, and emphasizes crafting,hunting, and exploration Just as much, if not more than the previous titles. because of the setting and time period, hunting,crafting, taming wild beasts to use as companions, and exploring are that much more crucial in primal. the map is enormous, like really huge. I love the new skill tree, lots of cool new useful skills to learn. riding into battle on a Sabre tooth tiger is fucking awesome to say the least. I was riding on the bear and went into the river, the bear was swimming while I was still riding it, this was such a cool touch. each animal has its pros and cons, when taking over a rival camp, you wanna really use the leopard, he's super quiet and stealthy, the animal controls are stellar, heck the overall control scheme is stellar, very easy to use and intuitive. their are no frame rate issues at all that ive noticed so far, the game runs really smooth, and the setting is absolutely gorgeous and stellar. I applaud the developers for taking such a drastic leap with the franchise , this game is definitely lots of fun. worth a buy most definitely IMO.

  2. She said you can tame many more animals after that what am i supposed to do go around killing animals and killing people I really like this game but after your bored as hell it just seems as a disappointment I hope Ubisoft adds major updates and I mean alot

  3. One of the very first things that happened to me was jumping inside a rock. Then I loaded my last checkpoint and walked around for another half hour. Now I'm here pissed that I spent 7 bucks to rent this game.

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