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Replay – Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

Join Game Informer’s Andrew Reiner, Tim Turi, Ben Hanson, and Kyle Hilliard as they revisit one of the best-selling PlayStation games of all time and play another round of You’re in the movies.

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  1. I had the PC version of this game and mostly loved it. I could never find all of the collectibles but it was generally a well made game and I thought held up well to the book. WRT to the discussion that the guys had of the Harry Potter universe, I would disagree strongly with the idea that it's "well realized." There are a lot of really bad holes in the world building and some in the plot (the most notable probably being the Time Turner. Seriously how did that only come up once?)

  2. how many spells can you name?…without looking anything up i thought of avada cadavra, expecto patronum, wingardian leviosa, expelliarmus, sectum sempra, oculus repairo, crucio, imperio, and "sunshine daisies, butter mellow, turn this stupid fat rat yellow" but i dont think that counts…

  3. Actually the PC versions of the first through the third game were pretty good all things considered. If you were to play this game again, I would go for the PC version.

  4. I grew up reading the books from like.. a 9 year old kid. And I was the same age as the characters as each movie came out. I can say that without reading the books, the movies are a little empty and confusing. They're great if you read the books, because you know 70 percent more about the story. The books are fantastic. Harry Potter as a series wouldn't have been NEARLY as popular if the books weren't so fantastic.

  5. Ben Hanson saying he can't get into the Harry Potter universe because it's "inconsistent" and he is unable to understand what they feel when they use spells blah blah some more bs. Also there's a whole lot of "logical things" he doesn't understand and that isn't explained in the movies. YEAH- BECAUSE STAR WARS IS SO LOGICAL???? OKAY- everything in Star Wars makes sense and he can totally relate to that and the feelings of the Force and that world? Yeeeeeeah okay, seeeeeeeeeeeeeems legit. I like both HP and SW, but come on… Cue comment explaining Hanson's views and I'm an idiot for having a go at him. Lolokay

  6. I loved the Harry Potter books as a kid, and I read them as they were released.  I liked the first two movies, hated the third and forth ones, and haven't seen the rest. At least try to read the books before you say Harry Potter is dumb Mr. Hanson.  Also, they are targeted for kids and young adults.

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