Official Spotlight: Terror Bird – ARK: Survival Evolved

Check out this new spotlight for Terror Bird featured in ARK: Survival Evolved.

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  1. GUYS guys guys!!…. chill.. they have confirmed that no creature is based on the real deal… as far as we care, the animals / dinos in this game are fantasy creatures with names to real animals / dinos…. Thus! a gliding terror bird…

  2. WTF is wrong with everything in this game ?…. Oh yes, i know: A stupid level of inaccuracy. (i mean come on, flying terror birds ? This is so dumb i wonder why people still play this game and i honestly want a refund.)

  3. Ppl apparently don't read dossiers before the dinos are released. If you go and read the dino dossier for the terrorbird, it says clearly that the terrorbird can glide….

  4. I hate that I have to do this on a YouTube video but this needs to get out. There is a game breaking exploit in pve that needs to be addressed. My tribe lost 1000+ hours worth of work due to an exploit where others can trick the system causing a tribe merger and claiming all property. The exploiter spams with invites and follows really close while you interact with objects. If you open doors or go into dino inventory, you join their tribe giving them ownership. They then kick you out of the tribe and you lose everything. Help is needed in spreading the word.

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