Inside Look: Rocket League's Brand New Maps

Mary travels to San Diego to meet with Design Director Corey Davis to talk about Rocket Labs, a new set of community focused Rocket League maps.

Check out the GameSpot vs. Psyionix Beatdown!

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  1. I want them to add like nets in soccer I feel it would be cool to see he ball hit the back of the net but it would be kinda weird but just a thought

  2. Psyonix is doing a great job, yeah, heh…so how about you fix the bug when you cannot see the names of other players. No big deal, it just makes the game totally unplayable. WOULD BE NICE.

  3. A lot of people have been fussing about the new maps, and wasteland being added to competitive play, but I'm glad they're working on new stuff. RL has the potential for some serious staying power given ongoing support (a la Team fortress 2, LOL, etc)

  4. My personal opinion have an option to have or not have labs maps in ranked, just like the option to play against cross platform or not

  5. I think your criticism is a bit harsh. The maps aren't for everyones taste (I don't like them) but they definitely offer variety for the more definitive rocket league player.

  6. If they put these into ranked playlists I wouldn't be happy about it. I think it makes more sense for these types of maps to be in their own playlist.

  7. I'd like for there to be a goal that's more raised in the air, or maybe even a map that has multiple levels to it. Could be interesting.

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