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How Lego's Adapting Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Most Devastating Scene (Spoilers)

TT Fusion’s lead story designer Graham Goring and cutscene director Phil Gray talk about the process of adapting Star Wars: The Force Awakens into a comedic Lego game and which scenes were the toughest to adapt.

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  1. why does every videogame adaptation of a blockbuster movie have to be a fucking Lego game these days seriously fuck the lego videogames there stupid and there for little kids.

  2. I do hope this has more quality control than Lego Movie: The Game. That game was riddled with bugs to the point where it's impossible to complete the game fully.

  3. What about the death of Han Solo? How is Lego gonna make THAT into a joke! What Han Solo eats a dounut and he has a hart attack because he's too old or does he just like "Leave" tell me Lego, tell me!

  4. how that when han solo takes kylos lightsaber it ignites from all the 3 parts and when one hits him he says that that is cheating and kylo is like losing is losing and when he falls there is a giant pillow and he goes of starkiller base all angry
    PS: sorry if my english is horrible i am really a mexican

  5. ( SPOILERS) Oh sure, you stabbed Qui Gon in the stomach, chopped darth maul in half, decapitated Jango Fett, decapitated Count Dooku, (off-screen but it still counts) Chopped up Anakin, killed Obi-wan, killed boba fett, and killed the emperor and darth vader in the previous games… But now you telling us you can't kill Han Solo? What the heck Lego?!

  6. Just have Kyle eating a banana and he throws it down and Han makes a noise and Kyle sees him opens his arm so he could go hug Han and Han starts running and slips on the banana peel and falls down kid safe idea from me lol

  7. Heres an idea for the Han Solo death scene. Han and Kylo are fighting over the lightsaber, Han gets stabbed and he waves to Rey and Finn happily as he's falling into the abyss. Thats a funny way of dieing in lego.

  8. I would be more than satisfied if when Han gets pushed off the bridge he hits a kill plane and explodes, losing all his studs in the process.

  9. U know, the Lego Star Wars franchise is the first one out of all the lego video games to have 4th Game, and the lego maker games don't really count, there just add-ons. (Active Fireshield)

  10. They should show him die though. Just saying, the have done it many times before especially in the origin Lego Star Wars games. They could simply have (SPOILERS) Kylo raise his lightsaber in the air and bring it down to Han and before it hits Han, cut the camera to another scene so we know that Han has been atleast injured and has more realism or better feeling to it… :/

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