Far Cry Primal Review

Far Cry’s new world and renewed focus on survival create a tense experience true to its setting, for better or worse.

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  1. does this game have a memory leak? when i start playing it shows about 3,2gb memory used which is normal because thats whats in every benchmark ive seen, but after 1,5h it was almost 6gb! what the fuck. ive heard fc4 had a brutal memory leak too so i guess its possible. anyone else having this problem?

  2. Not a 9 at all.Also the mammoths shown were completely inaccurate. They looked like elephants. Actual mammoths were 5 times that size at least and in cases 10 times.They were gigantic and I felt really ticked on tht inaccuracy

  3. Just picked this up on the Xbox store for $24, loving it! I honestly wasn't expecting much but I have to say its amazing. The atmosphere is off the charts.

  4. Yes it's very difficult for me to go from the huge selection of guns and other weapons that were featured in earlier Far Cry games to now only being able to poke your enemies with a stick or throw a stone at them, it just seems so very boring, terribly lame and incredibly dull. All the things that made the earlier games so good have been stripped away. When I first heard that the new Far Cry game was going to be set in the stone age I immediately knew it was going to be extremely crappy and sure enough it was, the stone age was an absolutely terrible choice of setting in my opinion, any other setting would have been much much better than the stone age, the developers made the worst possible choice, I would be hard pushed to think of a worse setting than the stone age.

  5. It really doesn't look good. The more videos I see, the less I'm impressed. That cat was mauling someone and the enemy right next to it didn't even flinch. WTF?

  6. TBH, the survival mode makes it more challenging. once we hit an enemy, its allies are alerted to our presence, enemies become more difficult and the AI is more intelligent, ingredients are more less, once our animal dies we have to capture a new one, rare animals are more rearer, and stealth kills are more difficult

  7. Jumped on the hate train when this came out. Played it and years later, still dislike the game. Recycled animation, bland characters, uninteresting antagonists, limited weapon selections. The game felt empty. People keep rebuking me by saying "It's during ancient time, of course it's gonna be empty!". Well, I paid money for the content, not for the emptiness. If want to enjoy emptiness I'd just look at my wallet.

  8. far cry primal is brilliant, engaging, fun, challenging.. I'm so thrilled that Ubisoft made this beautiful world for me to enjoy! I can't even imagine how much genius and hours of work went into creating such a masterpiece but… Thank you ALL!

  9. 10/10

    Far Cry Primal is one of the best Far Cry games in the whole franchise as it has many features that make it stand out among other Far Cry games.These are some of the things which make Far Cry Primal one of the best Far Cry games in the whole franchise.

    1.Unique setting-Far Cry Primal takes place in 10,000 BC so that makes it standout among other games because games rarely take place in that era
    2.Taming Beast-This is the only Far Cry game in which you can tame beasts and this changes the way we are used to playing a Far Cry game.
    3.Stealth-Far Cry Primal has the most options for stealth as you can also use your animals to kill enemies instead of killing enemies ourselves like in other Far Cry games.
    4.Tagging enemies-Instead of using binoculars to tag enemies as in the other Far Cry games,in Far Cry Primal you tag enemies by using owl and by using owl you can also kill enemies
    5.Immersive-You have to make your own weapons and there are no guns or vehicles so it makes it realistic and it is very immersive.
    6.Riding animals-Even though you can ride elephant in Far Cry 4 but you can't ride anything else but in Far Cry Primal you can not only ride mamooths but you can ride bears and sabertooth tigers also.
    7.Outposts-In other Far Cry games when you take out a outpost you only get xp whereas in Far Cry Primal the population of your village increases so there is an extra motivation to liberate outposts compared to other Far Cry games.
    8.Replayability-Far Cry Primal is one of the most replayable game in the whole franchise as there are very few cutscenes and you can do most missions any way you want whereas the other Far Cry games force you to go guns blazing in most of the main missions so those games aren't as replayable as Far Cry Primal.

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