Dying Light: The Following – Review

Dying Light’s latest DLC supplements its first-person parkour with customizable dirt buggies, drastically different environments, and a conspiracy-driven mystery.

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  1. Who ever buys this game now gets all the dlcs for free. But we(Who already bought it long ago) have to buy it? I'm broke af atm so I cant buy the dlc on steam 😭😭

  2. I liked the following but driving around was just more annoying for me. It would have been better if you could see everything in 3rd person while driving. I constantly ran into areas where I couldn't take my buggy and they always have those exploding zombies around when you're driving. Every time they explode the sound attracts virals and there's always at least 5 of them. That wouldn't be such an inconvenience if the buggy could outrun the virals without being slammed into something over and over. I guess what I'm saying is there's too many inconveniences while driving in my opinion.

  3. So if I brought this game instead of the original, I would still play the original story, then the following after? Or would it be better to by the original Dying Light then just get the DLC on PSN?

  4. This game sucks honestly, I don't know if it's cuz I put it on hard or what but, u have to hit a zombie 20 times in its head… Lame srry… N everything else is overrated also, just gotta accept I wasted $40 n suck it up… I played for about 4hrs… Can't take me it n e more…💯

  5. This looks exactly like Dead Island. Which I just finished playing and liked a little, but it was definitely better in the beginning and worse at the end.

  6. Got a HUGE bug that corrupted my following file! I’m stuck at the beginning of the original game with now way back to the following unless air erase my original file,

  7. The thing I don't like about the game is that it's almost impossible to survive the night if you just started the game, and the voatiles and fast zombies would hit you and your car no matter what you do.

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