Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Official Final Trailer – Things You Missed

Is there a bigger DC Comics fan than Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller? Watch him and Nick Scarpino break down the final Batman v Superman trailer and decide for yourself.

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  1. +GameSpot I think that guy who used the computer in the batcave isn't Alfred.. i can tell it by it's attire with the police strip on its body…he's Gordon ..

  2. First of all, we don't know how this Batman fought when he was younger.  I think when he said he was getting slow in his old age he was being sarcastic.  Second when the Batmobile ran into superman it wasn't because Batman is a bad drive but an excellent one.  Superman just drooped down in front of the Batmobile.  So Batman slammed on the breaks.  Superman is trying to stop Batman from doing his thing.  Superman is drawing first blood.  Then when he gets out of the Batmobile that is the first encounter.  Then when Batman is in the metal suit that is the fight.I think the kryptonite affects Batman too.  Because though Batman beats superman he has a heart attack and superman saves his life by taking him to the Batcave.  Then they are buddies.  Sort of.

  3. That throw seems a little bit to far? but the fight against an Alien that can in a day kill everyone on Earth with his bare hands is something you can live with in the world of Movie Physics…

  4. The whole vision, dream, nightmare, whatever, seems like that Superman The Animated Series episode; Legacy, where Darksied makes Superman his puppet. Maybe this is kinda like a what if he really won.

  5. I find it funny how when they first announced Ben Affleck as Batman everyone went batshit mad (pun intended) but now people are starting to realize Batfleck has a lot of potential.

  6. The girl that Bruce comforts is his daughter. The mother of the child is Selina (Catwoman). She dies in the building were Zod and Superman fights!Earlier trailer. The newspaper write in pen "You let your family die!" Damien is unknown to Bruce at this time..

  7. My theory on the entire Darkseid thing is that he sees this and thinks it's superman and not Darkseid. He misinterprets the vision, or nightmare, that is given to him.

  8. It's simple. Batman's worst fear is that Superman becomes the pawn of Darkseid. Batman has a nightmare of Superman being unleashed on earth.

  9. Lol this movie is not gonna make as much money as all Star Wars movies combined, you really think they're dumb? Definitely one of the greatest movies of all time

  10. I thought this movie would be thought out in Every Way – all details and proper cast of characters. The role of Lex Luthor should have been cast to an older -more believable person as an mad genius. Jessie Eisenberg comes across as a young punk, and so unbelievable as a Lex Luthor character, which takes away from the realism factor and serious tone of the movie.

  11. There seems to be so much CGI in this movie. All the fight scenes look like mostly CGI to me. /yawn

    Might as well just make this a videogame instead.

  12. I can't help but love seeing that "oh fuck" look on Superman's face at the end of the trailer. There's just something great about him being put in his place.

  13. 20:28 is the solar flare power they recently gave him in the comics when he expels all the solar energy in his cells in one explosive blast, but in doing so weakens him. it may have been added to the movie to help make it more believable that superman can be beaten

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