The Witness – Review

In both structure and detail, The Witness is an original, difficult, and ultimately rewarding puzzle game.

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  1. I have tried many ways to find out the name of the music playing in the the background. no prevail can someone for the love of god please please tell me or find out the name im dying to listen to this. played the video 5x just to listen to it,

  2. I always felt that audio log story telling is something lazy and annoying sometimes. But BELIEVE ME this game does an excellent job with the story and it's mysteries, audio logs are just tiny clues about what's happening, the real story telling in this game is the enviroment itself.

  3. Looks great, but hard puzzles aren't for me, already do enough studying engineering.

    Might be great game to watch a skilled let's play of I guess.

  4. people just hating on this game becuz it's a PS4 console exclusive…
    This game is beautiful in it own way, heck the animation along make this game really beautiful! EIREEEEE!!!! EIREEEE!!!

  5. Anyone else finding this game ridiculously difficult. I'm finding each
    puzzle, apart from the beginning ones to be nearly impossible to work
    out what to do. People keep saying the answers are in the environment,
    but I can't seem to find anything. And some puzzles seem almost
    impossible by the nature of not knowing what the symbols mean or even
    giving you enough space to work it out at all.

    I was hoping it would be something like Talos Principle, but it seems
    difficult to the point of absurdity. Many times I've solved a puzzle has
    mostly been through randomly drawing lines, as I can't seem to find any
    coherent logic to the majority of them… I guess I'm just a dumb fucker

  6. This is clearly inspired by Myst, which I liked even though I got stuck and never finished it. Hopefully this one will push my thinking skills but not leave me unable to progress.

  7. This game is the Trojan Horse of the Indie Developers who want to charge $40 for their limited scope and limited content games. Every major review site is in on the scam! Are you a sucker?

  8. +Ano Niem Did you watch Jonathan blow's review ? , the developer of the game , he was asked about that , and each color on each panel has the colors that color blinded people can at least notice an different , there is also a set of color puzzles that normal eyes can't solve unless using the "trick-way" to know the real colors they meant , but some color blind people passed that section with out knowing that the puzzle is supposed to be hard , Just wow , Jonathan blow blows your mind a lot !

  9. Crap game that the media hails as "genius" and "art".
    Doesn't change the fact that it's a connect the dots game. This is like those magazines in the doctors office waiting room.

  10. The witness challenging? For generation z's maybe. It's child's play compared to the old adventures.
    Also when a reviewer says that the witness lasts about 25 hours it means that he used a walkthrough. The game is easily 50-60 hours blind. That's why he is bitching about "dexterity" puzzles. He didn't solved the game on his own so it's reasonable for him to be frustrated when walkthroughs don't work:P.

    Awful review by an awful journalist.

  11. I’ve just found a Game on my Nintendo Switch that feels and looks like this ‘The Witness’, the N’ Switch game is called ‘The Pillar’. Anyone know of the ‘The Pillar’ game..

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