SMITE – 'To Hell & Back' Cinematic Trailer

Watch the Gods of SMITE go at it for almost 4 minutes of glorious cinematic action.

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  1. My guy sun wukong is badass and really underpowered in the trailer, he would easily annihilate everyone here if they stuck to the mythos

  2. I remember when this trailer first came out which was around the time Bellona got released and was probably the most broken release LowRez ever did. My hatred for Bellona and SMITE went up x10 after watching this lmao. –Comp. ADC main 2014-2017

    All is good now tho lol, but LowRez still low as usual

  3. why we havent gotten a sequel to this, or some other general trailer cinematic, i have no idea. Yes i know we get god reveals cinematics, but they arent broad like this. A focused trailer on different gods battling it out. Thats what i wanna see.

  4. Is it possible for skilled Thor to land ultimate on Loki's head from behind, while skilled Loki ults on place to avoid that skillshot with another greater like in the vid? THINK SMITER, THINK!

  5. I've never played this game, they all move too fast for me, but I just watched Arcane on Netflix. If they could only do a movie of THESE characters doing battle with some ultra-monsterous evil, yeah, I'd watch it. Just like Arcane, though – has to have a story that grabs you within the first 5 minutes and then chains you to the screen. Without that, it's just pretty scenery.

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