Resident Evil Zero HD – Review

Zero bears the hallmarks that made the original Resident Evil enjoyable, but you may tire of the formula by the end of the game.

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  1. Things good about this game
    Ammo/Health is REALLY scarce, which makes for a good challenging experience and one of the toughest RE games.
    Puzzles are generally pretty good and blend good with the action
    HD update made the game look much better than the GameCube version

    Now the bad:
    Play with two separate people sucks in pretty much every game in existence. You will find yourself using Rebecca as a pack mule because she is too weak and dies really fast. Controlling two characters was a bad idea and hurt the flow of the game

    The added enemies like frogs, monkey and some of the boss battles are cringe worthy and totally out of place (centipede, scorpion, ect) The most annoying being the guys that are damn near impossible to kill and the fucking monkey JUMPING AROUND!

    One of the biggest complaints for me was the removal of item boxes. Item boxes worked well when scattered throughout the game in other versions. In RE:Zero I found myself just using one big room to put all my shit, so instead of having multiple item boxes I had ONE BIG ROOM i had to always run back to, which made backtracking even worse than other RE games.

    Overall I think the game is good enough to buy, even if to send capcom a message but this is by FAR the worst of the "old" RE games.

  2. I've played this since its GameCube days, but after recently playing it again on PS4, I actually think I've come to enjoy this game more than REmake, which says a lot. I just wish Code:Veronica could get a full on remake, since it's my favorite, but I doubt that'll ever happen.

  3. The camera in resident evil always bugs me, sometimes when a zombie goes off screen and you turn a corner or new camera angle appears the zombie grabs you

  4. 3:30 ''You may tire of the formula by the end of the game'' Holy shit! Somebody shoot that guy, he doesn't know shit about what made these old games great! I suppose He's new to the series like most reviewers these days, hmm.

  5. it looks more final fantasy with all the girly character and the plot isnt good enough but yet i would play it .Cuz new RE just killed the Dark atmosphere and puzzle solving method's as this one . such a shame

  6. Its a good game IMO. Thats coming from some1 who hated the original RE games because of the tank controls (the controls+camera killed you more than anything else). This is the only oldskool RE game I've enjoyed other than Code Veronica X. The atmosphere is SPOT ON IMO, and equally as important, this is a RE game from back when RE was still a horror game (rather than an action shooter with horror elements). Its also cool having a partner who doesn't have to stick with you every step of the way. Splitting up always adds to the risk & tension factor.

    One of my only gripes is that the game can get really boring when you have to keep lugging items around. EG, you'll find a key but you have no space, and you can't risk leaving your only health spray, so you leave your 2ndary gun. Now you have to go ALL the way to the locked door like 3 miles away, just to have to go ALL the way back for your gun, then ALL the way back a THIRD time. All that just to unlock one door. Its crazy, but other than that, I've really enjoyed the game so far, and the BEST thing about it? You can play the game with NORMAL controls!!!! Fucking amazing design choice!

  7. One of my favorite survivor horror game classics. My only issue was with the story. You barely saw Bravo Team aside from Rebecca of course. I remember when it was advertised back in 2002 it said we would find out what happened to Bravo Team and yet you never really see 'em thorugout the gameplay. such a bummer.

  8. I never grew tired of the controls in fact I'm playing it on the Nintendo Wii right now I just wanted to watch a quick review on the game I loved this game when I was younger I wish Resident evil games were still like it

  9. ok but can we talk about THE SHITTY FROG THAT APPEARS WHEN YOU ARE CLOSE TO THE WATER LIKE DUDE MY MAGNUM CAN KILL THAT THING BUT BRO WTF still, in my opinion is one of the best games (and saddest omg) that I have played

  10. I miss games like these…Video games have been dumbed down just like every other facet of life, from Music, Television etc etc…By that I mean Video games use to make you think and problem solve. They helped developed that part of you brain that controls critical thinking. When I worked for DirecTv I know video games helped me when I ran into issues and needed to trouble shoot. I was there less that 2 months and they were sending me to jobs veteran techs couldn't figure out. I have to give video games from back in the day credit for helping me. Those games made you figure out puzzles to move on… Resident Evil wanted to appeal to the masses so they made it to where you just shoot and kill stuff to move on rather than figure stuff out.

  11. It's fine. It was the first new RE I played after getting into the series and was a lot of fun though less scary than the REmake which got me into the series. Decent story though and fun.

  12. Its a great game. Not at level of first mansion however better than code vernoica for sure. Plus animation is decent. Better than RE 5 and 6 by miles. At least it has tension

  13. I think it's a really good game and a really good Resident Evil game. One of the best. So Far. I just escaped the Training Facility with I'm guessing (from all the cut scene videos I've not unlocked) a long way to go until the end, but over half done. From what I have played so far, I think it deserves a higher rating than 7. I would give it 8.5. Tank controls and camera are not a big deal for me. I'm one of those people who thinks they add to the game experience. That's what Resident Evil is. When it was created, they were building from scratch without much precedent already laid down for what a 3rd person game is, how it should be.

    That's a few of many things I love about this game so far 1) Challenge 2) Length

    The only thing that is not great but in my opinion does not effect the over all quality of the game is the story. But even that is not much worse than any Resident Evil game. Maybe one other thingnthat is not so great would be the inventory control. It's tedious. The only way to reload a weapon or switch weapons is to go into the inventory and reload or equip. That kind of thing.

    I love this game. It's also so cheap, especially on sale.

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