Pokemon Superbowl Commercial

Check out this Pokemon Superbowl commercial celebrating 20 years of Pokemon.

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  1. I retired from pokemon after I got em all in the 1st and second one. Then I almost got em all in the 3rd. After that I stopped. It was a good run. I better than red.

  2. It would be cool to see what the future will be like if Pokemon stays extremely popular and they get technology that can actually make them show up in real life like holograms. Have actual stadiums built and compete in these stadiums. Have smaller ones for smaller scale tournaments and recreation and a huge one for a actual World Tournament/League. Have people earn the right to be gym leaders of their designated facilities, esc… Next step in pokemon go ??? >.> Never know could be really cool. Players play on their computers or what ever for normal and go to those facilities for more excitement and tournaments. Idk lol XD

  3. my dad: pokeman is stupid cartoon for 3 year olds, me: dad it's the 20th anniversary! it's awesome! dad: it's stupid, you should help me with dinner. me: no thanks. dad: thanks Hannah. me: yeah thanks dad for insulting what I like and shooting down my self esteem, I'm 14.

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