Kombat Pack 2 Gameplay Trailer – Mortal Kombat X

Take a look at this gameplay trailer for the Kombat Pack 2 which showcases the Kombatants coming to the Mortal Kombat X roster. This includes the Xenomorph from Alien, Leatherface, Triborg and Bo’ Rai Cho.

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  1. Bo rai Cho is the only real mortal kombat character. The others are all made up bullshit. Dont give me alien/baraka, just give me baraka!! I dont want fucking triborg just give me smoke, cyrax, or sektor! and fuck leather face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. triborg is probably just gana be a different one for each variation which is stupid. i would prefer one of them with 3 variations of their own rather than this bullshit. I want real mortal kombat characters in my mortal kombat game! its what i paid for. bo rai cho is the only real one here.

  3. it's great but I think that if there is a kombat pack 3 deveria out freddy as leatherface fails to replace Freddy has to return if alien will be there would be the perfect time to put freddy and jason vs alien and predator, even if alien will not be baraka of everything and which has three jugabilidades and want to play with Freddy with his three modes of gameplay and good graphics.

  4. My predictions about Alien were correct! Uses the facegugger in one of it's variations, victory pose includes chestburster out of opponent. Although I expected only the coocooned up and facehugger jumping on them part. I just wonder if that part where it shoves it's inner jaw into Jacqui's face is it's X-ray or fatality. Also, is that an Alien Queen in the facehugger variation?

  5. ok now… even in MKX but still got some style of Alien vs Predator, First predator was added and now Alien… this mean, there is some serious war…

  6. kinda wish they would just put more mk characters into the dlc sets rather than all the horror film characters, it's just not as interesting to see scorpion or subzero beat the shit out of jason, since ya know pretty much every mk character has some kind of super power and would totally maul Jason and leather-face

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