Far Cry Primal – Takkar Trailer

Learn more about the hunter Takkar featured in Far Cry Primal.

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  1. Also available is a $500 season pass which you can buy now! Then in March they'll be announcing the $200 DLC that will add the ending. And in April another $200 DLC that will add a 30 minute sidequest! Ubisoft™

  2. I must be the only wierdo here cuz this game looks AMAZING! I'm reading these comments & I just can't see what's not to like about this trailer? I loved the last Far Cry game infact going back to it tonight to brush up on the controls. XboxOne day one can't wait!!

  3. was a great fan of far cry…untill vally of the yeties..damn thing would just crash all the time . so how comes the main game ran fine but the expantion never did ?..will not be getting this or any other far cry game untill they sort out vally of the yeties

  4. How they put in this trailer Takkar's third person in the cut scenes? We even can see him being saved by Dalso from Tusk the tiger almost at the end of this video.

  5. I've beaten this game twice and I have never seen any trailer :0 saw a YouTuber play it last year and thought it was cool so I bought it xD It's still my top fav game 😛

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