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Doom Game Informer Coverage Trailer

Learn more about id’s new Doom by checking out this trailer for Game Informer’s month of exclusive coverage that can be found at

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  1. well honestly i m really hype in dis moment _ _ _ _
    but still i have a 1 request Bethesda _ _ _ PLEASE DON'T FUCK THIS UP
    B CAREFUL !?

  2. doom 4 looks really sick (in the right way) but i really REALLY hope they change the cyberdemons model its just meh and add horns to the hell knights/barons that would make them look way better.

  3. "We love that crazy, comic book, fun, rip and tear style"
    Finally someone gets it! We have been missing this kind of game style since the late 90's through early 2000's
    They just need to make a new Quake in this style.

  4. Looks good,. New baron of hell is awesome, glad to see that they fixed the colors. Only problems I have now are the cyber demon design which is just shitty diabloesque, the non metal soundtrack.also is doom guy still the same steroid fueld monster he was in the original? Or has he become a pussy and relies on his suit like master chief?

  5. "Almost anybody you talk to that has some awareness of games, knows Doom."

    Well, besides the fucking idiots at my school.

    "Jack, did you see the new Doom trailer?"

    Yeah, it's cool."

    "Do you know the original Doom?"


    "Are you FUCKING with me!

    And Jack plays games for a living.

  6. Nostalgic memoroes create hype and that creates expectations that woulf scare the most seasoned of developers that's why half life 3 may never happen…don't kill games with hype…fallout may only have drivable cars through mods….and doom may never have as much a influentia impact on gaming as the first doom..but in 2016 the industry is saturated with cod clones and pre-order incentives.. I say let's be thankful real games are still being made.

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