Yakuza 5 – Review

Miguel continues his Yakuza saga on the PS3 with Yakuza 5. How does this last-gen game hold up? Find out in our video review.

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  1. as an outsider it's not that I mind reading but why do japan often just stop doing vo for various scenes even main story scenes

  2. to me this game was way better and enjoyable than GTA 5, i don't understand all the hype it's getting, only cool thing about it is the multiplayer and that's if your friends are playing with you it can be hilarious but can't take it serious like yakuza 5

  3. So, I picked this up on a whim a few days ago. 15 hours in, and I'm only on Chapter 1-3. The richness of this game world, is insane. It's not that it has a bunch of extra stuff to do, it's the level of detail they put into the side stuff, that sets it apart. Taxi driving isn't merely driving around. You get a mini story with every single mission, and they're all different. It really cuts down on the monotony, and makes you want to keep doing them. I thought the text boxes were lame at first, but then I realized that it lets them craft all these little sub-stories without having to spend much to do it. Sure, you'll see the the same cutscenes re-skinned, but the stories make them all unique. This is true for most of the side activities. There is usually a story driving everything, and it really hides the repetitiveness of the gameplay. Ultimately, I find that to be the game's biggest strength. Giving personality to every little thing you do.

    PS: LOL at Assassins Creed combat being "deep".

  4. Assassin's Creed and Batman lmao you gotta be fucking kidding me. Yakuza 5 combat is light-years better then that horseshit. This guy needs a new job because he is one shitty fucking reviewer

  5. Did people just not understand Yakuza's combat? You can't just mash to win, because you'll get your attacks blocked and you'll get knocked down losing a bunch if health. You have to actually block and maneuver around your enemies and wait for an opening to get some damage in.

  6. Excellent game.
    … but i have a bone to pick … the roof top towards the end… OMG, the writers got EFFIN LAZY AS FUK!

    What kind of stupid shit was that?

    .. if there is one thing certain about ALL of the Yakuza games… beat up the bad guy and ALWAYS… I mean ALWAYS, leave a loaded weapon laying right next to them so they can force the senseless loss of a character.

    …and forget about them having to reiterate the VERY SAME THING 20 times before moving on.


    So you're saying that Majima is missing?

    Yes, he has not been seen for the past 2 months.

    I see.. plus he did not return last night.

    I suspect that he might be missing when he missed the important meeting 1 month ago.


    I LOVE THIS GAME… but many things about it PISSES me off.

  7. I know everyone says this game is top 3 in the series…

    … but holy shit I absolutely hate this game and it’s a bottom 3 right next to Yakuza 3. It’s story is poorly paced and it expects me to want to do these forced mini games like hunting and dancing. It feels like bad padding. I’ll argue that it’s combat is well sound and feels great, but I barely do enough of it as is because it’s forcing mini games at me.

  8. Listening to someone call Kiryu, Kazama over and over leads me to believe this reviewer never followed the Yakuza series from the start as noone ever calls Kiryu, Kazama first.

  9. bought this on psn on my ps3. I forgot they never sold an american physical of this game on the ps3. So odd. They did translate it for us and eu but for digital only even though its a huge game to begin with, you already know there are collectors out there waiting for this game to be released.

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