The 5 Worst Games Of 2015! – The Gist

Take some time out from all the Game of the Year awards to find out which games of 2015 were really, super bad. Just awful.

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  1. There are worse games than Hatred this year. I mean, it's definitely shit but i feel like a lot of people hate it because it's so "shocking and violent" but seriously, the latest Call Of Duty game is more violent than Hatred.

  2. Note the amount of comments mentioning certain words used in this video. Why get offended by what she was offended by? Closet racist cockroaches crawling out of the trashcan they call their existence, more than likely.

  3. Got really worried when I heard words like homophobic and misogynist being used to review a game, but these comments showed me that the majority of people are still normal

  4. battlefront should of been on there wasted my money what a disappointment and it wasn't even the full game the rest is dlc..DLC!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?

  5. Is there a way to completely and permanently block a channel? I unsuscribed from gamespot's a while ago, but it still shows up ocasionally on my recommended feed.

  6. This video is so stupid. Wow, pirates being homophobic and racist is a flaw? Gamespot would rather have an inaccurate realization of pirates because otherwise its too mean 🙁 ? REALLY???

    Thumbs down from me..

  7. Fallout 4 : Amazing. Evolve: Awesome 3 months after release. Halo 5: Godlike. bo3: upper middle class. Battlefront: Gorgeous. Whitcher 3: Poop. Ark: Great. Madden: Good. Rocket league: Insanely addictive. My opinion

  8. Hatred wasn't that bad. I mean, that new Alone In The Dark game was way worse.

    Also, isn't it historically accurate to have sexist and homophobic dialogue on Raven's Cry? :v) Im kidding.

  9. Re: Raven's Cry

    "Racist, misogynistic, and homophobic."

    How are those negatives in a game about actual pirates? That's what average people would have been like back then, let alone lawless criminals. Criticizing it for that is like criticizing a game set in Victorian london for "having too many white guys".

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