Street Fighter 5 Opening Cinematic and 16 Launch Character Trailer

Watch the opening cinematic to Street Fighter V shown at the Capcom Cup Finals.

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  1. Please Capcom, sort out the horrible laggy servers on PS4 and PC. The games beautiful once that's fixed. I cannot play my friends properly with the lag on this.

  2. they messed up vega and m.bisons names. vega is not balrog and bision is not vega wtf idk if its a jp version they shouldnt switch it thats like calling scorpion from mk raiden lol

  3. Ver este simple tráiler y compararlo con los tráilers de King of Fighters XIV debe ser una patada para los fans de Street Fighter y para los trabajadores de CAPCOM.

  4. I do not fancy the Japanese humour and I rather see new moves for Ryu similar to Rashid whose moves look much cooler. I am still waiting for Ryu and Ken to be the same person with Ryu becoming good friends with Balrog.

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