Star Citizen – Alpha 2.0 Gameplay Trailer – The Game Awards 2015

As seen on The Game Awards 2015! A brief look at some of the MANY gameplay opportunities available to players NOW in Star Citizen Alpha 2.0.

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  1. What about planets? Planet count, galaxy size, planetary exploration and planetary landings? I know it's not gonna be huge as Elite but that's fine, I just didn't see any footage of that's not fps shooting or spaceships shooting. I also read that the planets will be much more detailed and not procedural generated? Can someone post / spam some links where I can read these kind of stuff? I would be very thankful 🙂

  2. graphically and mechanically looks amazing. all im wondering is what endgame content are they gonna implement so the replayability is there? games like world of warcraft or destiny have survived this long because they have endgame content like raids, arenas, battlegrounds, etc
    lore and storyline driven social group activities that keep you playing everyday to get thise much wanted upgrades. games like elite:dangerous dont blow up because they basically launch you into the game giving you starter ship and say good luck and the things youre doing when you first start the game are the same things youre doing when you reach endgame, it gets boring after awhile, leveling up doesnt unlock more things for you to do that keep the game fun. everyone always says they just want free roam sandbox style gameplay but if theres not some structured gameplay mechanics like raids in wow or destiny whats going to keep you playing? continuously flying back and forth to trade spices between galaxies?

  3. If you decide to get Star Citizen since it is now in Alpha 2.0 use a referral code and get a bonus. Here is one: STAR-RDNM-Z36Z

  4. Will Squadron 42 follow the idea of XRebirth? I mean not in terms of quality, but will the player be able to explore and chose how they go about their business, trade, fight, etc.? Will it have freedom or will it be on rails?

  5. I just can't get rid of the feeling that the developers overwhelmed themselves with current goals. Hope they are able to pull off all the things they promised, I would hate to see this game becoming a gimmicky mess of good concepts.

  6. I'm going to keep a look out for this on my wish list. The idea is superb. Like a GTA in space with flight sim. How comes, no one be in favour of this idea years ago. ?? Always welcome in my book. Hope it does well. The secret is I guess, they need to take their time and create adding expansions. Looks mouth-wateringly exciting. Lol.

  7. I get a feeling this is gonna be like eve online where everybody is either new or Russian and every body hates each other and tries to kill each other.

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