Shadow Complex Remastered Announcement Trailer – The Game Awards 2015

Check out the announcement trailer from The Game Awards for Shadow Complex Remastered, coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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  1. Are they making it 4K instead of 720p? I don't get it. (Yes I get that new platforms are a big deal. It's nice to have more evidence that Microsoft Games Studios doesn't mean platform locked for life. 😉

    Also, holy hell was the 360's generation so damn long that things get a remastered coat of paint the very next cycle? Who saw that coming eh? 
    Perfect Dark to Perfect Dark Zero made some kind of cash-in sense at the time…

  2. i remember having this game. the second one after GOW. i loved it but i would rather have a sequal or a spiritual sucessor over a remaster.

  3. I always heard good things about this game, especially interesting that it was really one of the first really prominent indies before indies on console became a frequent discussion… probably a good excuse to grab it I reckon…

  4. Guys, head over to the EpicGames site, you can grab the game FOR FREE right now! I mean, you need the EpicGames launcher, but still, FOR FREE!

  5. Me encanta el juego Shadow Complex Remastered ^^ también lo estoy jugando jajaa, like y me suscribo, pásate por el mío también y haz lo mismo si te gusta 😛 saludos <3

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