Just Cause 3 – Review

Just Cause 3 is a stunning display of cause and effect, despite weak story missions and occasional technical problems. Just Cause 3 is available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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  1. I've just started playing this it's free till September on PS4, so far it's okay VERY repetitive and for someone who's supposed to be liberating the people why is there no repercussions for killing civilians or even your own people for that matter? Also the story line is boring and why is it when you finally liberate a place suddenly all your rebel friends are there? Where the hell where they when I was fighting the entire base lol

  2. I got the XXL Edition and had the fortress dlc with flying suit in the first 2 hours. Flying with it is amazing, but changes original gameplay. Feels like a cheat

  3. I came here rather than IGN because they reviewed the console and pc separately and IGN always favour pc, yes I know pc is better but I like an overall review on all platforms.

  4. I wish lagging and frame rate reduction was the only technical problem. My game ejected me and started a new game on its own when I was 60% completed. I reluctantly started over and it continued to undo bases, outposts and cities I had already conquered. Without multiple save slots my "game save data" was at the mercy of the bug filled auto save feature. I've invested way too many hours to risk starting over (a third time) just to worry if it's going to happen again. I'm out, and I doubt I will buy just cause four if only out of protest that I can't get my money back from this regretful purchase.

  5. It’s like everyone fucking hates a game then the next one releases and suddenly people love just cause 3 people just can’t fucking be realistic or content

  6. It doesn't tell you where to go I've been running around waiting for it to tell what to do can someone plz tell what to do like where you look to4 next mission

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