Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak – Announcement Trailer

Blackbird Interactive and Gearbox Software invite you to visit the deserts of Kharak in this new Homeworld story, where danger lurks behind every dune. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is set for release on January 20th on Windows PC.

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  1. Until we get an official new Dune RTS, this will more then suffice. On a side note, I'd still like to see a remastering of the Homeworld 1 expansion.

  2. Why isn't it fully-3D anymore? That was what made Homeworld unique, the massive, 3D operatic space battles that games today struggle to pull off. Is there some mechanic that replaces the full 3D control? Because if not, this is a devolution of Homeworld.

  3. Here some information about BBI(the dev) and Kharak:

    – The sound design for Deserts of Kharak was made by the same dude that took care of the original Homeworld way back in the day. You can expect this to feel and sound just like HW.

    -BBI will likely be taking care of HW3 as well, should this one succeed. They wish to make a SPACE based RTS game once this game is out of the gate. If you think they did even just a remotely good job on Kharak…make sure to let that be known.

    -Deserts of Kharak first started out as a spiritual successor to HW…but they later managed to get green-lit by GearBox for making it an official title.

    -Exploration/Control and Wreck Salvage are very much a thing.

    -Very strong multiplayer part alongside the story part.

    -Projectiles, this has been a point of debate in HW and its' remaster. In Kharak some of the projectiles will be precalculated to always hit while others you will be able to avoid.

    -Modding will be supported

    That's it for now…maybe that helps your decision in deciding whether or not you want to preorder this title or not. But then again…you either get HW remastered for free or 20% off your preorder…there really isn't any reason not to :p

  4. Developers good luck on developing homeworld 3 this makes up for it i hope youl get a good rating also make an another faction im bored or higarians always wining we need to play as someone to destroy them some poeple dont like karan or make 2 campaings ift you hate higarans play their enemy campaing ift you like them play their campaing good idea eh?

  5. I have a feeling the game will fail. Coming out in January, after the holiday season (which is usually media release death). Comes out in 16 days and we don't know how many factions there are, how many maps, how many units, the basic stuff. If HomeWorld 3 is dependent on the success of this game, then it's never going to come out. Not going to be successful if you are putting the game on the radar and flooding the net with information/hype.

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