Evolve – Emet Trailer

Take a look at this new trailer for Emet, a new combat Medic for Evolve.

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  1. Everyone in this comment section just jumping on the "I hate evolve (but I don't really know why)" bandwagon. Jesus Christ, does no one ever learn! If you don't like the game then wtf are you doing watching a video about it? Kind of counterproductive eh?

  2. im sry but they realy should have abandoned the game,you cant keep making dlcs that seperates the community even more when the community is about less the 1k people online,they are just wasting money and resources on a game thats basicly gonna die unless it goes f2p ,cause esports on a pay2play game its kinda hard to do unless its cs:go,this game should have beeen abandone 1 year ago instead of making this useless content.

  3. Lol they still making characters for this game? I bet that 1 character cost $4.99 or $7.99 fuck outta here, I will never buy another Turtle Rock Studio game after how they fucked over the consumers! R.I.P

  4. I really dont get why people say Evolve is dead, I can find matches and stuff pretty easily, and there's quite a few people I know who still play it. Seems like people are just hopping on the "HUEHUEHUEHUE GAEM IZ DED" train without actually playing it.

  5. Major Big Hero Six influence on Emet, with the Happy/Angry face switching and the Baymax voice.. except he's like Baymax with Tourette Syndrome.

  6. Looking at all these comments saying 'game is dead' 'omg this is still a thing', when now the game has majorly boosted itself and especially F2P now with less micro-transactions.

  7. Most of the people who bash on evolve haven't even played it. Or the only played it for 5 seconds. Gamers are so picky these days, it's pathetic

  8. I love this game. I mean I didn't think it was worth buying, but it is really fun (when you have a good match). I got it free with all the DLC with Games with Gold, and I love playing it. EMET is hilarious.

  9. Game is good.. but sadly crashed due to its awful pricing. Heh, at least its free to play now.. and while no longer developed, still has a decent community still playing it

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