Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

Rise of the Tomb Raider’s first shot pans over a vast foreboding landscape you’ll soon come to know on a intimate level. In many ways this functions as a promise on the part of Crystal Dynamics, that there are big things ahead of us. And a the end of Lara’s journey, after we’ve seen her through…

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  1. this is the most beautiful game I've ever played on pc. I played it on ps4 on a friends house and it looked like i was playing black ops 3 on ps3 lmao

  2. I am so glad that this game is finally out for PS4!
    been playing it since 2 days and having a blast with it
    I think it even surpasses the first one.
    I like how Lara is making such a great comeback this gen
    the action is rly well paced btw shooting, puzzles and walking around discovering and climbing around in huge areas!
    def. one of my fav games this gen
    Lara is my fav action here besides tracer of course lol 🙂

  3. I hate how people are comparing the consoles and the games. All of them are good! In my eyes Tomb Raiders a classic that doesn't let you down, Uncharted is fun yet emotional! While Xbox is pumping amazing games AND coming out with Xbox one S, Sony has graphics and detail.


  4. So happy that PS4 owners get this game at last. Folks, seriously, recommend picking this up if you haven't already. Yes, there are some superficial similarities to Uncharted, but it's structurally quite different, more of a semi-open world and a progression system reminiscent of Far Cry. The story is ok, doesn't compare to Uncharted but the game plays beautifully.

  5. A very nice combination of Zelda and Prince of Persia, uncharted was just a byproduct of the shooter genre… but It's the stealth aspects that makes this game so good. I mean you have that assassins creed feel to it. Toss in a bit of skyrim-crafting-type animal survival or something. Awesome!

  6. I loved both the 2013 reboot and Rise but I would just wish we would get some more of a globetrotting adventure. Now of course in the first one that was difficult story wise, but with this one they could have crafted a cat and mouse chase throughout the globe. If that is against their design philosophy that is fine, but I would love to see more different kinds of terraine like jungles, snow, desert and maybe even some more urban environments aside from just ruins. Just nitpicking thoug, enjoyed the heck out of both titles.

  7. I appreciate hard work CD has done, graphics are stunning and title have its moments. But. New TR teases you first with Syria level – which is more tomb raider like to give you third person shooter with weak story later and till the end. It's hard to find a likable character including main one :/ (while you like everyone in Uncharted series) Please don't say that it's more tomb raider than first part because game model is actually the same shooting + optional tombs (liked tombs more than 2013 though, puzzles feel smarter). Hope Shadow will be true rise of tomb raider 🙂 and I'm big TR fan.

  8. the 20th anniversary version is available now on both platform , i played it on Xbox one, now i'm redoing it on ps4 pro , the game still looks superb , in 4K and high fps mode it's near perfection. too bad the game doesn't have HDR support… yet xD

  9. Hand to hand combat really should have been more developed and more complex. It's too simplistic. Also, I wish they would put a bit more emphasis on how arrows really work in real life when you shoot them, but at least they're here.

    And the story is also too simplistic. Tara is constantly obsessed, for whatever reason, to find the secret to some eternal bullshit. The villains are fairly one dimensional, as well.

    But graphics is amazing, gameplay is fun and puzzles are intriguing. The ability to assemble new throwables on the fly is also awesome.

    Overall – worth a buy, but not a full priced one. More like 35$-40$ tops.

  10. Whys majority of footage from first 30 mins of game. Least first few minutes I know cuz I just started it up a while ago. Figured I'd see what consensus was. Got it for 27.50 on Xbox one. 20 for game season pass was only 7$

  11. Sorry? When did Nathan Drake search for the fountain of youth? He was looking for Iram of the Pillars, the Atlantis of the sands inUncharted 3, not the fucking fountain of youth? He's never searched for that in any of the games?

  12. Why do so many people have trouble pronouncing the name Lara lol You wouldn't pronounce Cara as Cora, so why make that error with Lara… Lara is pronounced as its spelt, not Laura or Lora.

  13. after I seen tomb raider the 2 remake I just went to say to the Developer of rise of the tomb raider we don't need this new lara croft or the shity gameplay we need the tomb raide we know the classic one not this week girl and her problems , if you change the name of rise of the tomb raider to something else then it's a good game , but if you keep the name than as a big fan of tomb raider I would sai your game is garbage .

  14. Graphics 10 ! The rest ? Just lol this has nothing to do with tomb raider try comparing this with Legend or underworld. Its more like a fps. The game is not bad but it should not be called tomb raider.

  15. For someone who’s never played these games, would people suggest I jump in on rise of the tomb raider, or do I need to play the definitive edition tomb raider to understand story, context etc?

  16. Well I'm playing tomb raider series now I finished the tomb raider (2013) and now I'm playing rise of tr and then I'll play shadow of tomb raider. I'm really excited

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