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Quantum Break Game Informer Coverage Trailer

Check out the trailer (featuring new gameplay) that shows off the month of exclusive content for Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break that can be found at

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  1. I can AGREE the people at Remedy are like Gods to me, they are the reason I'm here, follow the light and make peace with yourself and give my creators a chance.

  2. The more of gameplay I see, the more dissapointed I'm. We were promised the same amount of PR bullshit with Alan Wake, and we all know how it ended up – bland and ridiculously repetitive.

  3. Sadly, I'll be watching this on Youtube. Can't afford an XB1 after getting a PS4 and saving up for a PC upgrade to Pascal.

  4. I may just buy a XB1 for this game.
    And I may just buy this game with the hopes that if Remedy does well, they will make another game like Alan Wake. I'm not even sure if it needs to be a sequel, but something with characters and stories that are as engrossing and memorable.

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