Luke Skywalker – Star Wars Battlefront

Skywalker takes down an AT-ST and then launches into Heroes vs Villains.

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  1. Alright, i think 1:091:13 just won me over. Don't get me wrong, i'll see how the game does later and make up a decision to buy it and see if it's fun or not. But just that moment alone is……kind of magical. I mean as far as the game is shown for me, DICE got the visuals and also the basic little touches of Star Wars pretty well. It would of have been easy to not even think on that but they put it in. I'm a little bit impressed.

  2. Ewww.. Luke Skywalker's combat animations suck. Look at how jerky it is for every attack. Why can't they make it like, move forward key and you just swing your lightsaber simultaneously instead while tapping the attack button ? Jedi Academy does it, Force Unleashed does it, Episode 3 the game does it and even Battlefront 2 DOES IT ! By far these games I've mentioned have fairly smooth saber combat compared to this ! This game, you have the clunk/jerk/pause animation for every attack. Its so punishing to watch and sometimes you always fail to land your attack on the enemy.

  3. Visuals in this game are insane every single level designed to the smallest details when u play on ultra on PC looks one of the best fps graphics ever

  4. The animations are so stiff. You don't run with a Lightsaber like that unless you want to cut your face in half. The jumping animations are also lack-luster. I wish developers would take more care when it comes to animations. I look at all the little the details, like how you hold your weapons, reload animations, etc. I believe that those are very important and should be looked at with a fine tooth comb

  5. i like how one time i was palpatine and luke runs up to me and starts swingin his blade. and guess what? I CANT MOVE BECAUSE OF THE STUNLOCK!?!??? gg ea

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