Fallout 4's Junk Jet – Everything You Need to Know

Low on ammo? Can’t afford a new weapon? The Junk Jet in Fallout 4 might be the solution you’re looking for. Here’s a guide on everything you need to know about this beastly weapon.

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  1. I have junk jet and now place it in sunshine tidings because it's so heavy. Hmm…might use it later…

    But the thing is, I love everything I hoard. They all useful for my settlements.

  2. Heavy gunner affects this, the charge shot appeared to double or even triple the damage I did to a stunted Yaoi gui

    load it with either steel which you can replenish easily with scrapping other weapons like pipe pistols or things like pre war money cuz they're weightless and do the same damage.

    its actually a really good gun low level. and possibly high level too with the perks maxed out.

    its certainly gonna be the main weapon of my new heavy gunner build so I can build up flamer and mini gun ammo.

    and then the comedic value is there too.

  3. I'd wait to use this until I completed the detective story in the vault in far harbour, then just load it with the 500 pre war money you get given as payment

  4. This shit's TOO HEAVY (30 lbs WTF?) to be useful. I'll never have unnecessary junk that is as heavy as this machine. Also, junk is useful in this game.

  5. I love using prewar money, making it rain! plus 0 weight ammo for survival. It may not be the best but it's the only weapon in survival which doesn't have weapon weight if you use cigs and money.

  6. How the hell do you load this thing? I tried everything but when I try to load it, my inventory looks empty and I can move anything from my inventory to the junk jet.

  7. when i first picked it up i thought "never gonna use it"
    junk is to valuable, but i mean this video convinced me, do i really need a pen in my inventory???

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