Fallout 4 – Launch Trailer

Check out the launch trailer for Fallout 4.

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  1. Ok so I have played Fallout 4 (level 25) but now watching this if had not played Fallout I would had got the game as soon asp. This is just a small summary of how awesome it is!

  2. I love this trailer, but the fallout 3 and New Vegas felt like a lot more fun to watch because they were played with the swing music and loaded with destruction. fallout 3 trailer>fallout 4 trailer.

  3. I hope when fallout 5 comes out, that the story continues on based on who you sided with in fallout 4 (institute, brotherhood, railroad, etc) so that way their presence or disappearance in fallout 4 will continue on to fallout 5 as well.

  4. I remember when I saw this trailer I thought desdamona could have been your wife or I could be your husband if you play a girl. because I had already heard the rumours about vault 111 being a cryogenic vault. And I thought maybe you got unfrozen at later point to her/him and they made a faction to help stop the institute but when the game came out nope

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