Wild Stage Demo – Paris Games Week 2015 Sony Press Conference

Michel Ancel shows off Wild gameplay at the Sony Paris Games Week Press Conference.

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  1. Wait a minute…..isn't Ubisoft making Farcry primal??……..which is……well kinda like this game(frm wat they revealed in their gameplay vid)…but in First person……except for the snake lady in the end of this games video…… i didn't see that coming…..wasn't really expecting any mysticism in this game or atleast not the kind they showed

  2. Why was the snake spirit just a giant woman with a few scales here and there? More imagination please. You have a good idea here. Don't squander it away because of laziness or the need to give sexually frustrated males a reason to play your game. They already have plenty of porn.

  3. There are some rather "dark" angles "reflected" in this game world ,, the use of animal offerings to "gods" who in some of there missions can require the "sacrifice" of one of your clan for you to gain a skill or ability.

  4. This game has been in development so long that a plague is roaming the eart rn.

    If it dosen't get revealed in august then i don't know but apparently it isn't cancelled, and still undrr development…. probably a ps5 exclusive

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