What's New in XCOM 2?

In the final video in our three part series on XCOM 2, we talk to Jake about tackling the difficult sequel, and what changes we should expect in XCOM 2.

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  1. I am a little worried because everytime you hear him talk he's mentions Procediual levels repeatable like a montra. I know lots of players wanted that but that can't be wear he hangs his hat the major improvments to the game is got to be gameplay not how many dirrent looking maps you play on

  2. As the details of Xcom 2 unfolded I couldn't believe how amazing it looked, that it seemed like for once a game developer truly got what made the first game great and added and expanded on everything I loved and didn't just give it halfhearted token service. Watching this series and learning Jake's background and history and his love for the game makes it all make sense. Now I'm even more excited for Xcom 2 and beyond to the future of the franchise.

  3. It is so hard not to love Jake Solomon. He is the prototype for a happy creative person according to psych-research, that the only think he should fear is some crazy fan falling in love with him. By crazy I mean: Wear his skin while having dinner with a mirror crazy. MUahahhihihaha. Yea… I am sane though, got papers that state that!

  4. Does anyone know if the aliens will move before your team spots one of them?
    In the original X-COM, the aliens would be going around on their own before you would see them. You could hear them moving around or killing civilians etc.
    In the last version, the aliens never moved an inch until one of your team spotted them. It really was no where near as good.

  5. I had to evacuate my soldiers in a mission very quickly leaving behind one of my best. Later it came back as a VIP I had to rescue, that was so awesome!

  6. absolutely love 2, it's so immersive and exciting, I would like to see a possible tie in on how we went from the apparent victory in enemy within to the overall loss of the world, kind of the won the battle lost the war, an xcom 1 1/2 if you will. I think it would be awesome to bring everything together and I would 100% invest in that kind of game

  7. I am so glad I found out about this game.

    After playing XCOM (2012) I decided to play the original. It was old, but it was fun. Luckily there was openxcom.

  8. I work in computer gaming and I feel like this too – how did I get to this place? .. Now x-com is out – wahoo – you guys have made a real successor to the title — AWESOME!! … xcom was a favorite for soo many years – I've been waiting for this day for a bloody long time .. and you delivered – thank you.

  9. At least you can play as the aliens! Yay!

    Im talking about mind control. Ive taken over mutons, archons, andromedons, vipers and stun lancers. I still need to try sectopods, i forgot if Domination works on non-organic units.

  10. X-COM 3: Humanity lost, aliens won, few left partisan humans tried to resist and also failed. now, Commander, you have to crawl back from hell back to Earth. From alien hell.

  11. I'd love to play an XCOM game as the aliens. Since I view them as people instead of creatures, I wouldn't have a problem getting attached to them. Aliens can have families too.

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