The Park – Launch Trailer

Check out the launch trailer for The Park.

Watch Mary Kish play The Park!

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  1. Man I really want to play this game, it looks awesome! Games like SOMA and Alien Isolation have made me become addicted to Survival Horror games lately.

  2. I dont think they could have made a less tense, climactic trailer if they tried. looks boring as fuck. another lifeless indie game where no one inhabits the world but "hey luuk at dos grafiks duuuuur"

  3. Given that it's made by Funcom who also made 'The Secret World' it would be very interesting if this theme park is the same one that's on Solomon Island.

  4. looks promising but please no need for silent hill reference, and no need for cliched amnesia the dark descend atmosphere and no need for cheap jumpscares that remind us about how awful alanwake ending was

  5. i played it
    all the talking and stuff
    makes me intereseted to be in this game
    if you listen to what the mother says
    it will give the idea of what happened to her
    like thinking that callum is a imaginary son
    but then she says that her and the guy named "Don" made callum
    its interesting
    i love hearing some stories
    dont judge

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