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The Gameplay of Mafia III

Hangar 13’s executive producer Andy Wilson and creative director Haden Blackman talk about what makes Mafia III stand out in a crowded open-world market.

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  1. in mafia 2 the aiming system on consoles was superb i was exacly felleing the movment,aiming.really cool but when i go to GTA 5 the free AIM was hard just terrible and we see in options auto aim? what for is this .did Rockstar CANT do a smooth and easy aiming system on this game?

  2. Cars, buildings, clothes belong to 60's. But mechanics looks like in a sci-fi game. İt's Mafia guys! Are kidding me?! Tell me where is plasma gun?

  3. Hi Game Informer, just an advice hope you don't mind: if you are next time upload a video like this here, I think the title should be: "Mafia III – Behind the scenes" or "Interview with the creators of Mafia III", etc. for example instead of "The Gameplay of Mafia III". Believe me, you will have then more likes & less dislikes on your video then, if the fans / viewers know this video not just about to show only more new gameplay footages.

  4. Mafia 1 was the first game i played on PC. And i have a very sweet memories of it. Then there was a successful Mafia 2. Fans were really happy when they found out about Mafia 3 announcement… But instead, they got not Mafia 3 but new GTA Vice City. The series were in the right direction, they shouldn't have changed it… P.S. I guess 2K Czech is "really busy" so they gave it to Hangar 13.

  5. Sounds really cool, hope the side missions and other things in the open world feel more meaningful than in something like Ubisoft open world games. Also glad finally a AAA game tackling race and police brutality, pretty relevant now.

  6. These guys speak of creating a game that is difficult to compare to other games. They are just talking about the story and all the choices you can make with npc's. When I watched the gameplay it was identical to any other open world shooter. Don't beez Goin round saying the game has changed ya'll ain't no Kojima baby.

  7. They tricked me into the first two games, I'm not wasting my time with this disaster…Looks like a rip off shit bag to me…Id rather play GTA3

  8. Okay, I see a lot of people bitching & moaning about the game play, the main character, & overall idea of the game. Here's the thing, if you don't like it then just don't buy it. 👌🏾😤

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