The Crazy History of the X-COM Series

In part one of our three part series on XCOM 2, we dive into the history of the franchise. The instant classics, the forgettable disasters and everything in between!

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  1. Interceptor was actually pretty good. Different; but good. It was the first X-COM I managed to figure out, and once I was done with it I went back to enemy unknown. Without a guide or button labels the first game was hard to figure out for a 12 year old with no idea what the hell the game was. But once I figured it out, I realised I had stumbled across a brutal and fucking epic game

  2. Played the original xcom and loved it, hit this one point where I got this guy really high up he was my veteran. I stuck him in a ship with a bunch if recruits, the veteran got shot and died on turn 2, everyone flipped their shit. all of the rookies ran back into the ship and shot each other leaving one man who got annihilated. moral of the story, don't stick rookies in combat near the end of the game

  3. I've completed XCOM a few times. I'm currently trying to do it with a squad of 4, but have seen all saves vanish. There is a bug with XCOM saves which Jake & Co. never fixed. You'd think a working save routine wouldn't be too hard to produce, but people lose interest once they've got your money. I don't know why it wasn't fixed, but I'm glad XCOM2 doesn't have this problem.

  4. I've been a console gamer forever and I'm so thankful this is so good on consoles!
    Xcom enemy unknown blew my mind, never played Enemy Within But when xcom 2 was announced for PlayStation.. Oh my.
    also, War of the chosen looks absolutely incredible. thank you for putting this much effort into a genre that almost died.

  5. sindicate was a microprose game to or i jus not remember this correctly??? And i remember to preferred play to terror from the deep more then firs UFO game:) ehh old old times:D:D but good times:D:D

  6. x-com 4 interceptor is incredible shield balancing and base building and probe sending space-flight combat sim where you can actually research and make nova bombs which can actually destroy 1 star at a time and leave a black hole that can swallow your probes. it has an incredible futuristic americana feel. the pilots appear dirty and they have incredibly cool and memorable radio voice commands you can use to harass the alien pilots with. the alien ships and the x-com ships are very cool and interesting. the ship weapons are cool and interesting. the gameplay is really good. i don't have a working version anymore and it may be hard to get the game to work on new computers, but the graphics are actually good. it's a much higher tech and more advanced game than tie fighter, and you can research better shields, engines, interceptors to pilot, ecm jammers, cloaking, tracking tracer beams, gatling lasers, tacyon beams, enveloping fusion torpedos, paralax torpedos, doppleganger torpedos. the nova bombs are a torpedo you have to launch at a star while piloting the interceptor manually in a combat mission. you'll see how it works. it's an incredible experience when it happens. you have to wait for the missile to speed up and then zip out of there.

  7. best game ever, I've been documenting an alien invasion for real after playing this from beginning
    Facebook: Dannie Darko
    Twitter: Scott patnode

  8. I remember reading about the first person shooter XCOM Take Two game and being really excited, though seems like certain aspects actually were adopted by 2017’s Prey

  9. This list kinda misses the awesome "laser squad nemesis" that julian gollop went on to make when he could no longer use the "xcom" name.

  10. this'd make a great TV show if done properly. in episode 1 you could have some country getting overwhelmed by aliens with advanced technology. then, (literally) out of the blue the skyranger touches down & all these soldiers come out with weird ass armor & plasma weapons. etc

  11. Xcom enemy unknown, tftd and apocalypse. Apocalypse was the best culmination of the earlier versions. New xcom 2 has low replay value. Too linear unlike the classics.

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