Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide Launch Trailer

Lead mankind to a new frontier in this exciting expansion to Beyond Earth. Rising Tide introduces oceanic gameplay that extends the play space across the entire surface of the planet and more.

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  1. they fucked up the war system, the A.I won't peace out and it always forces you to take more or less of what you want. also you can't get rid of pesky cities that drain you health by pawning them off to the a.i. so they can raze them for you.

  2. I will admit that they really know how to make really great trailers, they could do CGI for movies with renders like these. I wonder if they would start adding intelligent alien life into the game if another expansion is made, that would be interest but don't think it would work because of the affinity.

  3. I found the trailer for this expansion kinda anticlimactic. It hints at some kind of story involving the arrival of new mysterious ships from old earth or whatnot… which in no way translated to the gameplay except for cities being able to land on water. 😛

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