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2015 has been a great year for driving game enthusiasts, but what is the best car game to out this year? Danny & Andy clash heads in this debate on The Lobby.

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  1. I think there needs to be a Shift 3. This is a need for speed game but it's not street racing it's on actual tracks and I think shift 2 unleashed was perfect and it just needs an "update". Better graphics, all the new cars that came out, more tracks, etc.

  2. a bit annoyed the assists element of Forza wasnt bought up. you can turn rewind off. traction control, stability, ABS, clutch etc. if you want to make it a Sim, make it a Sim. if you want it to be an arcade… make it an arcade. forza is a more rounded product. i know alot about cars and racing but there are alot of techincal elements I dont know much about. Forza teaches you… PC expects you to know (or expects you to pretend to know, as is most often the case). for anyone who is comparing it on the back of pkaying forza 5…. dont…. completely different game

  3. The fact that he's arguing that Forza is better on the controller really tells you that it's not meant for sim racing as much as Project cars. I have Forza 4 and I love it, but the wheels they offer on 360 are shit. Wheels define sim racing.

  4. personally i dont like arcade games Forza 6 is a great game but ill stay with gran turismo is the original racing simulator and the most accurate when it comes to driving. a lot of people hate Gran Turismo because is difficult to tune the car like i said all of these games came from gran turismo.

  5. In short:
    Project cars is a racing simulator which has a bit of reality traded for fun.
    Forza 6 is a racing game which has a bit of fun traded for reality.
    (correct me if I'm wrong, but this is how I interpreted it).

  6. this is the first project cars,the guys had little to non experience making racing games,whereas this is forza 6,their 6th one,it should be perfect but the fact we comparing it to project cars….project cars is better for me

  7. Hurr durrr I have a driving license so I know everything about cars. I 've only driven my dad's car but I can tell Forza's shit cus everyone plays it hurr durr

  8. huge fan of both series, however, I prefer project cars. It has PC support. I can't justify getting an Xbox one for newer Forza games. Also nicer graphics and a much more sim oriented feel, although I love the customization in Forza

  9. forza driving game my ass, forza is a ARCADE/Sim and Projectcars is a sim compare to forza. 4 sim racing games (Projectcars, raceroom, assetto corsa and the best is Iracing). Forza not in that bracket because it's a Arcade

  10. A racing game with an "undo" button? Why play a racing game if there's no reason to improve and no punishment for fucking up? If you lose, you deserve to lose.

  11. Been a huge Forza Fan since Xbox 360. Used to be a bit GT fan but after waiting so long for it on PS3 I was a bit disappointed. I felt Forza and GT were both great but didn't understand why it took so long for GT to come out. I've had a PS4 for 2 years now and couldn't get myself to buy Project Cars and I missed having a car game. Got a Xbox One S for Christmas and decided to try Forza Horizon 3 instead of getting Forza 6 even though I planned on buying both at some point. Forza Horizon 3 is easily the most fun I've had with a car game. This is the first time I've gone with a Horizon game and love the open world concept in a driving game.

    Now on to what I think of Project Cars. I noticed going through the Xbox one store game section that for Gold members Project Cars was available free (I think it was only for 7 days though.) I downloaded and have been playing for about a week. I can't believe I never bought this game for the PS4! It's awesome! Is it better than Forza 6? I really don't know but all I can say is with Forza 7 coming out in the fall and because I'm still having fun with Horizon 3 I've decided to hold off and not buy Forza 6 right now. My birthday is this month and was planning on it but don't see a reason to blow $60 on Forza 6 when I have two car games I'm having a lot of fun with.

    The question will be will I buy Forza 7 or Project Cars 2. I'm still leaning toward Forza 7 but I've only had Project Cars a week and really love the game. I do miss the rewind function when you are learning the ropes. All I can say is giving this game away may have moved toward the Project Cars camp. I can't see myself not buying Forza 7 so if I buy Project Cars 2 more than likely I'll end up with both.

    Anyway that's my take.

  12. I believe u don't deserve to say if either is better if you do not race with a wheel and peddles that's what should be the the decider for instance u don't have to really learn a car and how it feels to drive it without a wheel  its not right to judge a racing game for its simulation with a controller I want to know who agrees and who doesn't and I want people that have owned a force feedback wheel to decide due to it would be a fair fight because they have tried both

  13. So I am going to buy the g920 with a H-shifter,wich of these games should I buy.I would like to play a little sim and a little normal racing.I tend to buy Project Cars,but the customization in Forza 6 is cool.Do you need a dlc in PC for Nascar or do you just select car,race,track and you just go?So many questions,so much less answers.

  14. If you play with a controller and want to have fun, win races easily – Forza; If you have a racing wheel and pedal setup and want to actually work hard to win races and care about the little details – PCars. Assetto Corsa – If you really want to experience how hard racing is.

  15. Why you are comparing two completely different genre in racing games. And the debate is over when someone says he loves to play racing games on pad.

  16. I just love the customization in 6, I'm not really a racing guy at all but forza 6 was one of 2 games I played on my xbox before I got rid of it. I loved it. Ive recently got the itch for a car game again and I think the closest I can get to forza 6 is the crew 2 or project cars 2 I'd get grand turismo sport but…its has no cars

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