Orsinium Trailer – The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

Check out this trailer revealing the first details for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited’s upcoming DLC game pack, Orsinium.

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  1. Lol and then you watch even a small update trailer for FFXIV and realise what an embarrasment ESO truly is as an MMORPG. Most anti-social piece of junk I ever tried.

  2. I love this game and i didn't buy the imperial city dlc for reasons i don't know why but I'm in the veteran ranks and I'm so ready for this dlc i can't wait only 17 more days 😀

  3. Gotta admit, I thought this DLC's quests were going to be boring like in the original game but wow these quests are some of the best quests i've seen in this game by far, it made me want to listen to the NPCs and see what they had to say and that's not JUST the main quest.

    9/10 The only problem i've had is the server roll backs with orsinium.

  4. Orsinium Playable on every lvl Yes but is it MAKABLE at every lvl no not at all im was lvl 20 and had to fight veteran 16 enemys in a pack of like 2 to 4 and got rekt hard ye thats that

  5. Yeah this game was very good, better than everyone makes it out to be, but I still think another game like The Elder Scrolls should've been made, would've been much more successful and I think a lot of us players would have enjoyed that more than a multiplayer experience, single player was always amazing and I think another one would just be amazing and do amazing for the Skyrim industry

  6. I'm not too hyped for elder scrolls 6 as I used to be , after playing fallout 4 I fear the worst, so I'll suffice with ESO( which is quite enjoyable) . Don't get me wrong I thought fallout 4 was great but…….I found it way too easy , even on hardcore it was a cakewalk . I also hated the fact that they removed the morality ratings which was one of the main reasons I loved the earlier series. also it felt less like an RPG more like a casual shooter with an RPG skin . So I've been playing ESO I purchased the membership and I have to say its much better than expected especially from the awful comments and hate from the community and the sub par reviews . remember folks its not a single player RPG its an mmo. shut up and enjoy or don't play at all

  7. Just buy the guild and glory u get 4 DLC, i spent $75 today for the morrowind pre-order and all DLC except the shadow of the hist

  8. Of only people knew that this game still has more than 800thousand people playing every month. They call it shit cause they don't have the patience to play it.

  9. can we get a mount that isn't another dumb fucking cat for once? honestly how about a giant insect? or a rhino? imagine an armored rhino😩👌

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