How XCOM Came Back From The Dead

In part two of our three part series on XCOM 2, we talk to lead designer Jake Solomon about the responsibility & challenges in bringing back the series in 2012.

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  1. So why the hell didn't they just do it more like xenonauts… just alittle more complex better base building and more soilders.. NOT MUCH MORE IS NEEDED THAN THAT…

  2. ive only lost 28 soldiers in xcom enemy unknown.345 have been gravely wounded678 have been woundedive retreated 1854 timesive only done 3 terrizing missionsive lost 16 soldiers to chryssalids6 to zombies 4 to sectoids2 to beserker2 to thin menF*CK YOU CHYSALIDS, I'LL HAVE HAVE MY REVEVNGE IN XCOM 2!!!!

  3. The oe problem I had with this game was, of all things, some of the weapons and armour. Some of it just looked absurd, oversized, etc. XCOM2 has solved this by making the weapons look more gritty and realistic.

  4. Xcom 2 is great, but i still miss some freedom the old one had, like time unites (TU), the ability to pack a soldier with wahtever gear i want, at the cost of max TU, and the ability to shoot at anything without needing a target, shooting right through a building if i think there is an alien, and hearing that awsome alien kill scream from him. or shooting cars without needing a grenade. more missions that is not "do it in 8 turns" some is cool, but its like 80% have some kind of hurry up!
    Also, introducing day/night cycle would be awsome, so it slowly gets more and more dark (Pitch black) would be cool.
    Only seeing fires, plasma rails, a few car lights, and alien eyes now and then! THAT would be scary!

  5. Why only one skyranger? I want to do multiple missions at once. You'd need to set up multiple teams. You then play the missions one after the other.

  6. So easy to answer this question. It came back from the dead because… Finally, a good Dev put the work into reviving it that was necessary. This needs to happen with Jagged Alliance 2 and it will be back from the dead too! Wish Star Control would return from the dead too!

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