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How Mafia III's Story "Pushes Boundaries"

Mafia 3’s creative director Haden Blackman and lead writer Bill Harms talk about their approach to storytelling in the new game and how it differs from Mafia 2.

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  1. Am I the only one, who doesn't want this game to be an open world? There are plenty of other open world games. I think the story just holds together a lot better when the world is not much open.

  2. I have a feeling this game is going to be pretty damn good. A lot of game makers are too scared to go anywhere near some of the things their talking about here because it veers too far (some feel) from what people are use to with a particular game they like. It explains why what we've seen of Mafia 3 so far seems so different to what we'r used to with 1&2. Look at GTA 5.. it's no different to the ones before it, it's basically the same format because that's what works and people are comfortable with that ''If it ain't broke, don't fix it'' is good advice.. but I think 2K are taking a bold step with this one, which is good. It may even set an example for other games in some aspects! I think Mafia 3 will be a very popular game indeed.

  3. just because its the 60s and thats era of best muscle cars. even the music was beautiful, it was also a dark time drugs, gangs , lies , government corruption, fraud , just a fucked up environment. people changed alot everyone was scared a different taste in the air. you see the difference from 50s mafia to the 60s mafia you trip how characters change. best part of the 60s was tv , sports, movies and crazy amount of sex . only reason im getting this is cuz of the cars lol

  4. I'm cool with having different races of characters but not when they call it revolutionary or "a big step" it's just another dude at the end of Tha day

  5. I don't like all new characters and no relations to the previous game. The more they do this the more it reminds me of grand theft auto. What happen to joe? what happen to vito? They probably bring in like a small slice into but they should really closely relate characters from the prior games.

  6. in real life Dixie Mafia which was based in my birth city of Biloxi, Mississippi worked with real mafia members from N.O. and the sunshine state

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