Far Cry Primal – Developer Diary

Find out what into the making of Far Cry Primal in this new developer diary.

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  1. After watching the video carefully, slowing it down, speeding it up, and putting it under general scrutiny.

    I have to come to the conclusion, that this is some sort of computer game.

  2. Yup. Everyone get ready for more towers to climb. And idk about this concept — a farcry without guns isn't farcry. It could work out really great, or miss really bad.

  3. Next far cry should be a spaghetti western imo. Primal is an interesting idea but i would love something like Call of Juarez' open sandbox play…First Person horseback riding, the cool six shooters and the western setting in general could make a really good Far Cry game, i think.

  4. Man this game is gona be a huge hit or a huge miss, no middle ground here. Have to say im not crazy about the "no guns" thing, loved the bow but i occasionally need my sniper rifle headshoot or my flamethrower barbacue sundays.

  5. Honestly I feel like if this game is going to go way back it needs to be hardcore. Weapons should degrade over time and you should have to keep up with a hunger and thirst system. And would it kill you to add the ability to prone?

  6. For this game to still be awesome without all the cars an guns and explosions, they need to do 2 things.
    Make it more "survival" than far cry 3 and 4.
    And make all the action in the melee combat rather than the shooting combat. they need to make a melee fighting system that the game doesn't really have otherwise. add more stealth finishers, have combat finishers etc. and it needs to have a bit more to it than just mashing the attack button like AC..
    if they can do these things well the game will be fuckin sick.

  7. Can't wait to see the villain. Bring it on! I believe the main villain this time is nature. Also please make it difficult as hell and turn of the auto aim assist which is for console babies. We the PC superiors hate this kind of features. Make this game difficult as hell. 😀

  8. "We are super fucking excited about this game"…and so the tracks for the hype train are laid.
    Hi guys, I'm SolidSneakNinja and I am super fucking excited about the games I will have on my channel soon.
    Sorry but that is what Ubisoft just did, does it actually work??
    Saying how great you yourself are???

  9. Sounds a bit like Farcraft. Anyone know why games do this. Why isn't it called FC5 like why wasn't it Battlefield 5 or why is it just Star Wars Battefront not Battlefront 3.

  10. Interesting to say the least…. You can't say they arent taking risks here and trying something new!!
    Will be fascinating how they handle combat and gameplay. Crazy open world gunplay has been the center for past games. Theyre basically entirely changing the core of the game! Guns to bow and arrows is a huge change and I think it would be easy to make it TOO realistic and the game become sort of boring… Im just interested in how they will pull that off!
    Dont know about everyone else but im keeping an open mind for sure.

  11. Not many game developers tackle the stone age, especially with crafting and survival elements. For a major developer such as Ubisoft to be taking such a risk is very promising for the future of games. (I am SUPER pumped for this i actually squealed when i saw the trailer)

  12. I have a feeling that Farcry is Ubisofts new Assassin Creed as in they are trying to make it an annual title. I love Farcry and i love this idea and i cant wait to play it but something is telling me this is going to be the first mediocre or meh Farcry with subsequent releases just getting worse and worse in quality; just like Assassin Creed. The glitches/bugs will be the first indicator.

  13. Hopefully its a little more skyrim-esque in the frequency of running into animals / enemies. In FC4 you can't walk a fucking meter without running into shit, it gets tiring.

  14. Jean Sebastian Decant is an awful narrative director. The narrative was boring and uninteresting. To think he was paid for making that narrative.

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