Alienware Steam Machine First Look

Dan Ackerman from CNET gives you a tour of the Alienware Steam Machine in this first look at the small PC and its included controller.

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  1. It's cool and all but I have steam and tons of games and I just run them in big picture (i have my pc hooked up to my 50") and it runs and looks great. Don't see the point for this machine unless you don't have a good pc which in that case you probably already have a console

  2. Can the steam machine run all games on steam? I'm thinking of buying this replacing my crappy laptop.
    If so, do all source games run at over 30 fps at most times?

  3. I kind of want this because I have a shitty laptop and I building a PC is too much lol. It'd be amazing to finally play some of my steam games without any lag

  4. If you want a pc gaming but don't want to worry about building it by yourself, go to a random pc store and ask the vendor for a pc gaming micro atx. I’m sure he’ll find a better machine and more affordable. Steam Machine is for the dumb and lazy people who puts a mini-pc and consoles on the same category. I'm not saying it's trash, i like the concept, but for that price/specs you gotta be fucking kidding me.

  5. Its easy to think why the steam controller pad sucks, cuz no one uses mouse pad on the laptop although it is bigger than the steam controller. How they oversee this mistake lol. If they make, the touch pad works like an analog, maybe it would give a difference, cuz i always slipped the analog when i play too hard.

  6. That spy backstabed your teammate in front of you but hey just give a fuck and shoot at a overhealed hoovy with his pocket. You really deserve a gibus =D

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