PES 2016 vs. FIFA 16 – In 2 Minutes

Having trouble deciding between PES and FIFA this year? Lucy’s here with the lowdown on this year’s football sim behemoths.

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  1. PES 2016 pc is shit. But fifa felt the same. Plus women teams is not much of a strength. No one watches women's football. It's not a non-progressive thing. It's just what it is. I'd rather have the extra hdd space than the women teams.

  2. PES does little things that impresses me, players kicking over their own heads, dribbling, all the crazy ball handling that they do in real life that fifa just can't touch

  3. since ps2 I have always loved pes. I think fifa has always better graphics but the game play sucks. if I have to choose between graphics and game play, it will always be game play.

  4. women's teams is not the most important feature. I bought Fifa 16 from release and I have played only once with women's teams.

  5. I would recommend FIFA for pc port because Konami just treat us pc user lightly by giving us the last gen engine. Meanwhile FIFA on pc has almost the same engine as the PS4/XBOX One. But I still love both games

  6. i played all my life fifa i hated pes the way it looked the menus the fake teams fake players name but pes 16 is awsome
    the comentators on pes sucks they keep saying same thing and not many stadiums but game play is so much better on pes

  7. Mostly I'm a FIFA online player, and know this game inside out from 2011 version. In the past I also played PES a lot, but in offline modes. This year I bought both, firstly FIFA, then PES. I have to say that playing PES is really enjoyable, you have more control with the ball, it is not so "sluggish" as FIFA where you really are feeling inertia of the players. Both games are good, have their advantages and disadvantages but PES it much more strategy-technical oriented. Those skills from FIFA are cool, and I love using them very very much, but honestly it doesn't look anything like real life, which player is capable of skilling for 50m of the pitch and get through the defense and score? That doesn't happen IRL. The diagonal sprinting in FIFA is also something unrealistic. I doesn't get that kind of experience when playing PES. So this year I must admit that PES is more enjoyable football game, but is it worth to buy both and have fun. Being a fanboy is stupid, only true competition between those two titles makes them better every year. Peace!

  8. even if fifa were 100x better id still buy PES only so i wouldnt be giving money to such a terrible and corrupt organization. then id download fifa from a pirate site. thank god PES is better.

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