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Hidetaka Miyazaki Watches Twitch Plays Dark Souls

On 8/21/15, the creator of Dark Souls Hidetaka Miyazaki watches Twitch Plays Dark Souls for the first time and offers his feedback to those struggling their way through the game.

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  1. Miyazaki let Armored Core V and Verdict Day happen.

    They lied about it being 5v5, they lied about it having a literal theatre mode, and now that both 5 and Verdict Day did SHIT SALES due to them dumbing it down to arcade versions with that SHIT “rock/paper/scissors” bullshit (chemical/Ballistic/And-Incendiary based parts)… that limited customization and they refused to patch (or give a shit about patching) anywhere outside their own regional demographic they completely shit upon the actual genre of the game being realistic, they shit upon the consumers when they lied about actual 5v5 (having an operator looking at a map to call out what to do could’ve had the game be 12v12 by having 8 operators in each team that’s how dumb having an operator was), and that bullshit about having a theatre mode being advertised when it was only a topographical map with little icons leaving Pac-Man line trails from each player behind each icon is a fucking joke.

    They’ll never launch another Armored Core game.

    They ruined their reputation and destroyed their trust from the consumers.

    He should be fucking ashamed of himself and they’ll only be known for Dark Souls, which will have less players year after year due to redundancy.

    What a huge opportunity gone.
    There’s no games in the industry like Armored Core 4 and For Answer, they’ve abandoned the principles that made that series great, and the standards to have the industry trust them for anything outside of Dark Souls. Smh

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