Destiny: The Taken King – Review

Bungie’s newest expansion not only offers a compelling experience in itself, but transforms Destiny altogether.

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  1. I know this will spring a lot of hate but this dlc is great. It fixes 90% of the problems that took place in year one, and the game has evolved. For all of you that think that this dlc is terrible, open your eyes and look at what it is now, not what it was. Bungie has given this game another chance. They said all the dlc this year will be free and if that works out then it will continue. I hope it will in the future because then we will show the haters how great this game can be.

  2. wow I thought the same game each year was bad enough but now dlc every year? god damn what has this industry come to. this isn't even a game its just a game they play on us. pathetic. Bethesda is my savior.

  3. Can someone please enlighten me on why people are calling destiny bad, the only bad thing i can see is that it cost $70AUD, Not tiring to be a troll or anything, i just want to see another point of view because i see dentin to be a quite fun game.

  4. Destiny, for me is an odd one. When I first got the game I was extremely bored with it after a few hours of gameplay but since oh started playing with friends and getting used to the system I'm having a blast.
    You also have to be able to filter out everyones negative opinions of the game and realise most of them are just ignorant to be able to fully enjoy it.

  5. They're selling snake oil with this,"not an MMO with MMO features". Cut the bullshit. It's an FPS with the time trap of MMO quested leveling. That shit gets old fast without open world and the freedom of massive numbers of players running around. Bungie took the one cash cow feature all MMOs use, and reskinned co op halo.

  6. How can you give this pos a 8 and give Star Wars a 7… This is a game that was a lie from the get go.. All they want is money and they pay gamespot and other YouTube people to say there game is ok…. I played destiny and now will never touch another bungie game again mmo fps my ass

  7. Its extremely annoying to see destiny fail at so many aspects, while I am so eager to play a game set in space! Oh well.. I hope mass effect 4, or star citizen will make up for it.

  8. before i buy the game i go onto youtube to watch the reviews its fucking ridiculous there are so many games designed to milk the consumers don't get me started on false advertising well I'm glad I'm saving money and spend it on something better.

  9. I wouldn't buy this game even if it was $20 with ALL the dlc and honestly people who still buy the dlc to come all I gotta say is yal are fucking sheep

  10. This game took the good mechanics of halo and then did a massive shit on it. Repetitive grinding to choose out of a small range of crap abilities and equipment that usually require grinding to get it upgraded to something worth using. I rate this game 2 stars out of 5.

  11. Whoever says The Taken King is a bad DLC/expansion has not played it. They fixed the game with that expansion. We're out of content for now but in April 12 we'll get more content.

  12. After playing this game for over 600 hours I stayed away from this it for many months in hopes that I find another new addiction.

    Nearly a year of not playing destiny and I still couldn't find anything that kept me involved for longer than two weeks.

    Last week I turned back to it after being bored out of my mind. I was a mere 180 light and lvl 34 but I was still able to find a group willing to let me play with them. We played VOG on normal and it was fine for the most part. I didn't disappoint them and we got through the whole thing relatively easily.

    Then as soon as it was done I couldent get the experience out of my head.

    The cooperation, the banter, the teamwork it was more fun than 80% of my gaming experiences in the past month.

    Luckily I was able to sell off my destiny disc and at the same time found a listing for the taken king edition used but the codes still intact.

    So I just cost me $7.68 to buy the taken king which is a real steal.

  13. If I purchased Destiny the taken king legendary edition on xbox one, can
    I transfer my data from xbox 360 through the same Microsoft account or
    do I have to start completely over?

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