Destiny: The Taken King – Intro Cinematic

Destiny’s newest expansion kicks off with a gorgeous cinematic.

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  1. And to think on the night before this battle Mara asked a favor from her pet wish dragon to warp time and space to bring Lord Shaxx to her bed chambers to read her a bedtime story…then they..well…had some fun i'll leave it at that

  2. If the Awoken hadn’t attacked, the escort fleet surrounding the Dreadnaught would still had been there and we (our guardian) would never have been able to board it.

    A massive sacrifice for a pivotal moment.

  3. I still get Goosebumps from this six years later…
    damn TTK was just so good . Here's to hoping The Witch Queen will be like this when it releases early next year.

  4. Neat little detail: As the Harbingers fly towards the Dreadnaught, you can see them pick up trails of space debris. Seems they're warping spacetime in some way. Cool.

  5. it said that oryx crafted his dreadnaught from the remains of Akka the hive worm god of secrets . who he struck down with his own sword in order to learn how to communicate with the deep

  6. Had to re-watch this. With Witch Queen coming out in Feb, had to get them feels in. And when it comes, I'm going to break out the Besto Telesto and greet Mama Savathun.

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