Bullet Train – Unreal Engine 4 Official Tech Demo

Check out the latest VR experience from Epic Games featured on the Oculus Connect 2.

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  1. my dude is shotgun left handed…that gives me hope…. that gives me so much hope. my biggest fear is these new shooters will strick me with right handed shooting stances for long guns like rifles and shotguns when i shoot those guns left handed…that'd ruin my training if i kept practicing that way. i'm right handed but my left eye is my dominant eye.

  2. everyone saying this is a tech demo and not a real game…haven't seen a single guy in the comment section talking about this being a real game…wat?

  3. I hope VR doesn't turn EVERYTHING into a rail shooter Time Crisis style just because some people are sensitive to motion sickness. I played through most of HL2 in one sitting with the HL2VR mod, DK2 and Razer Hydra controllers with no problems at all and would like that kind of VR extension of existing game types to exist within the future of VR as well as new types of games. There were people who had problems with VR sickness with 3D graphics on televisions back in the Playstation 1 era as well you know but that didn't stop action games did it? =)

  4. Where VR should start is with arcades imo. Since most people cant really afford VR headsets and it's in its baby steps, I think if you present VR in arcades, arcades will make a comeback and more people will know how to use VR and eventually, development and advances will make it cheaper to afford.

  5. There are two types of people in the comments section who are wrong. First ones are the people who have no clue what a Tech Demo means and the second ones who know what that means but haven't tried a VR first hand to understand how awesome this is. Even a mario game is fun when tried on VR simply because of the immersion level. It completely changes the game. In VR, graphics as good as we see on "triple A" titles aren't needed, simply because you get fully immersed(or should I say sucked into) the game world. so imagine this or even something close to this on a VR and you have got the greatest VR game ever made. I think the third ones are the people who understand what I am talking about but then again no need to mention those types cause they aren't wrong so..yeah!

  6. I'd rather have stuff like this then most full fledged games.
    I don't want some hugh 30 hr+ game that I have to live in to get the most out of. I want some small experience i can come to again and again because of how fun it is. I see people in the comments section who say this only looks cool because of the graphics, and trust me, I would be just as excited to play with something like this if it had ps2 graphics. This looks so fun, please just give it to me.

  7. Played this today and it was amazing! The Oculus Touch controller is so responsive it's… unreal 🙂

    Loved the attention they put into making this tech demo. Also very surprising that they took only 6 weeks to get this done.

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