Until Dawn Review

Good horror game or honorific game? Alexa Ray Corriea shares her experience with this Playstation 4 exclusive.

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  1. The story is fun and cheesy horror stuff until the last third. The gameplay consists of QTEs, going to whatever has a ball of light and making choices that result in slightly different cutscenes… yeah, also clues, but those aren't really of interest after the first playthrough.

  2. I love how these idiots are still debating on which console is superior. The console war was over years ago, Ps4 was decided as the better console. Stick with your fucking opinions you morons.

  3. The game was scary at first but by the halfway mark you realise that you're not in any real danger unless you're in a QuickTime event where you have zero control over your characters movement, so you know that while you're controlling your character and walking around nothing's going to really happen to them and that kinda took away the creepiness IMO

  4. I just finished it it was a great game really enjoyed it the first time I played it 2 days ago I fucked up spoilers below but it was such a good game I'd give it an 8/10

    I killed Ashley the dog Matt etc and I felt 2 bad I had to save the dog and Ashley

  5. got it for free on PS4 and I'm actually playing this more than my other games that I barely begun to play lol! These "choice" games always gets my attention. much like the Walking Dead games

  6. I love this game I've played it many times over and I'm never bored with it …i wish they would make a number 2 with Josh been the turning survivor of the mines …and a new flock of people that have built a house there out of the sanitotium ….that would be great …

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