Star Wars Battlefront Stage Show – Gamescom 2015

Here’s the entire Star Wars Battlefront presentation including the new game mode Fighter Squadron seen at Gamescom 2015.

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  1. So can you have a battle on the ground and then hop in a tank or tie fighter like in the previous games or just one at a time.

  2. I think they went with the accent because it gives it a taste of like "a being from another planet" I mean its Star Wars another living entity form from another planet maybe.

  3. I wonder if they're going to account for the fact that TIE fighters are more numerous with worse tech while Rebel fighters are fewer but with better tech.

  4. Oh nice I can crash into rocks now, awesome! The two things that could make this came 100x better is Galactic Conquest and the Clone War Era. The Galactic Empire Era is too boring for me. Let me rephrase that, I find the Rebel Army boring to play as. Both the CIS and Republic were so much fun. I hope they still have the jump pack trooper on the Empire side.

  5. I'm glad they decided to use a lifeless protocol droid to do the commentary.  The odds of her entertaining the audience were 2,385,025,013 to 1.  Oh dear…

  6. I wonder how awful the quality of games would've been if nobody said anything about Watch Dogs, they were prepared to lower the price of that game..

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