"Showstopper" Mission Official Playthrough – Hitman – PAX Prime 2015

Take a look at the first playthrough of Hitman which features the Parisian “Showstopper” mission.

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  1. This is realism at its finest. 90% of the game is spent learning about the environment, looking for opportunities and preparation. 10% is spent knocking out or killing any who may stand in the way. This is an enhanced, new and improved Blood Money. Not for everyone though as there isn't much of an appeal for the casual gamer.

  2. It's a small gripe, but i don't like the fact he can carry the shotgun on his back, he shouldn't be able to carry two-Handed weapons like rifles and shottys unless he holds them, ala Blood Money. Perhaps you can get an upgrade for you weapons that include a sling that let you do that? I really hope they make it as Blood Money as possible, it's the best game in the series.

  3. I've played hitman on ps3 and i think it would be an update if they would "hitman2" or "007James Bond Russian Love2" because i think there should be a cont… On both great games so make THEM!!

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